Step back from the screen.
Chat spontaneously over a coffee, when grabbing some lunch, or when taking a walk.
Chat without interrupting your friends, your family, or your colleagues.
Take a walk, together.

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Spending more time working from home can be great. But it's also common to feel isolated and disconnected. Despite all the meetings, and all the screen time, you just don't bump into people in the kitchen anymore. You don't go to lunch with colleagues and friends anymore. The opportunities for serendipitous conversations are extremely limited.

Three people at a table outdoors having a picnic.

Serendipitous conversations are very important. They are highly effective for pollinating information between teams, keeping wider groups of people in touch and on the same page. They help develop friendships and empathy beyond the boundaries of small teams. They are important for your mental health, for connecting meaningfully with friends and colleagues, for taking notice of how people really are.

Four people walking outdoors on a path.

Walk Together helps bring back these conversations. Take a walk, bump into people, have a chat, grab a coffee. Walk Together.