• How do I join a group?

    Groups are always private. When you create a group you get a link and a QR code which you can share. That link or QR code can be used by others to apply to join your group. Any member of a group can create and share the link and QR code, but only the group owner can approve someone joining. The group owner is initially whoever created the group, but you can transfer ownership to any group member. So groups are private, safe and secure, and you're in control of who's allowed in.

  • How many people can walk together?

    Each walk can have up to six members walking together. We think when you're in the kitchen, or out in a restaurant, it's rare for a conversation to properly involve lots and lots of people. We've found that if we let the walk get too big then some people can struggle to get a word in.

  • Walking is audio only, with no video. Why?

    When you're making your lunch, or a coffee, or maybe popping to the shops, you don't want to have to stare at your screen. We think video doesn't always add to the conversation. People can feel an obligation to stare at the screen, which can be exhausting. Sometimes you can hear more without video.

  • Do you record the audio anywhere?

    Nope, not at all. It is encrypted between your phone and our servers, and we don't store it anywhere.

  • Can I control who I walk with?

    Yes, you can join specific walks if you want to. We think there is a lot of value to mixing into your walks friends and colleagues whom you may not know very well, but maybe not every day. So you can join a specific walk with close friends if you'd like, but you can also let us place you randomly into a walk with about the right amount of time left for you.

  • What if I don't get on with someone?

    We understand – in a big group it's inevitable you have favourites and, err, not so favourites. In each group's members screen, you can privately request to avoid individuals if you need to.