When is the best time to phone your friends, or family members? It's tricky: no one wants to disturb or interrupt others at a bad time, but it's important to keep in touch. Maybe you have a child who's just gone off to University or College. Maybe you worry about more elderly family member being lonely. We often end up saying something like “Sorry, am I interrupting you?” early on in the conversation. Walk Together can help.

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When you start a walk, we send a little notification to others in your groups that you're now walking. Maybe they're busy and can't join you right now. Maybe they're going to be free in 5 minutes. But you're now giving them the option: they're in control of joining you when it's best for them. This is very different from phoning them.

Four people walking outdoors on a path.

While you're waiting for others to join you, just carry on with what you were doing: listening to music, taking the dog outside, making your dinner. There's no need to stare at the screen; we'll play you a little fanfare when someone joins you. You can walk with several people at once, so maybe a few family members join you as it becomes convenient for them.

Three people at a table outdoors having a picnic.

It's all very fluid and spontaneous: no checking of diaries, no sending round links to meeting rooms, no scheduled start and end times, and no fixed list of attendees! Just taking a walk together, when it suits each of you.