Time for a break. Maybe some lunch. Get up from your desk, grab your phone, launch Walk Together and press Start walking.

Screenshot of app showing list of groups to which you belong.

If you want, you can adjust how long you'd like to walk for (maybe you have a 30 minute break until your next meeting), and which groups of friends you'd like to walk with.

We'll do the rest.

If there are already walks in progress in your groups that have about the right amount of time left, you may be added to an existing walk. If not, we'll start a new walk. For a few moments you may find yourself walking on your own, but not for long: we'll notify others in your groups that you're now walking and they might like to join. They need to take a break too!

Three people walking outdoors in the desert.

There's no need to stare at your phone – you just got up to take a break from staring at a screen! Take your phone with you: you'll be able to speak to your walking buddies and hear them with your phone screen off, and with the app in the background. You wanted to make some lunch, so get to it. Don't worry though: your mic stays off until someone joins you (and we'll play you a fanfare to let you know), and we never record any audio.

Walks are audio only – no video here. Video can create pressure to stare at your phone or laptop, and stops you from making lunch, brewing that coffee, or popping to the shops. We think you can hear more with video off, and your eyes need rest from all those pixels!

Two people walking outdoors on the beach.

Lunch tastes better with some company, and talking to someone from a totally different team can free your mind and inspire you. If you do happen to glance at your phone, you'll find you're taking a walk in some beautiful countryside.

Screenshot of app showing three walks in progress, visible to each other.

If there are other walks nearby, you can see them and jump over to them if you'd like. You can be that social butterfly! Sometimes conversation doesn't flow easily: we all have days when we're not super chatty, so we've added in some fun surprises if it all gets too quiet.

If you want, you can see which walks are going on in any of your groups, and choose to join them.

Screenshot of app showing list of active walks within a group.

Once you get near the end of your walk, you'll hear a fanfare. But if there's nothing in the diary and the conversation is flowing, feel free to keep chatting: the walk will continue as long as there are two or more people walking and talking.